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A powerful tool to show important religious dates of Greek Christian Calendar
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Xarka software has always been creating programs that users are very much in need of. "Today" is one of those wonderful creations from Xarka software. It is a very useful application for all those people who are interested in knowing the important dates related to the Christian calendar. It is a very beneficial software tool, as it takes care that no important occasions in Christian Calendar are missed. It follows the Greek Orthodox Church dates. Now, with this software users don’t have to worry that any important date is ever missed as "Today" provides a countdown function showing how many days are left.

It is a very powerful software application which works well along with Outlook and Window Mail. Moreover, it provides an additional benefit of calculating floating dates very accurately. Users are also informed about the dates and days related to important feasts and detailed information about the dates related to saints. The program also shows when the next eclipse is going to occur. The only drawback of this application is, perhaps, that the titles of holidays, their descriptions and other per day data are given in Greek language, and the only English captions are its interface elements.

All in all, Today 3.9 is a very interactive program, which keeps religious users updated about important religious events.

maitri shah
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  • Shows all significant religious date
  • Follows Greek Calendar
  • Supports Outlook and Window mail
  • Count down facility available


  • Not freeware
  • Not compatible with LINUX platform
  • The descriptions are given in Greek
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